Introduction of Nion EWPS              

The Nion EWPS is utilizing the Nion PFT to coat the high-polymer which own the attributes of near-superconductivity in normal temperatures on the plastic materials. The Nion high-polymer has many features that are superior to current high-polymer materials.

1. Environmental-Friendly Greening Materials

The Nion High-polymer is all made by natural materials, thus will have no environmental pollution problems, which is also the ongoing concept in the technically-advanced European and US countries. (Please check the test report next page for details) The EU right now only divide the import items by recyclable or not, the recyclable ones will receive the custom bargain and encouragement. The Nion High-polymer materials will be decomposed to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen after heating to 850oC, so is totally recyclable.

2. High Osmotic, Strong Cohesion

Utilizing the Nion coating technology, the high polymer can become a close knit with the film, and the adherence can reach 250 kg /cm2, osmoses the surface like piling, and have already past the flex, impact and hundred-lattice test.

3. Endurance of High or Low Temperature

The Nion High-polymer materials can sustain in the high and low temperature without changing its substance (280 ~ -50 ° C)

4. Outstanding Conductivity

Utilizing the Nion Technology to adeptly manipulating the Fullerenes and make the high-polymer has the near-superconductivity in normal temperatures. The conductivity directly influence the EM Waves absorption ability of the materials, and the outstanding conductivity of Nion high-polymer can have the EMF Shielding Rate higher than 99.9999% , far more superior than current shielding ability of high-polymer materials, and totally overcome the weaknesses of the EMI shielding materials stated above.

5. Superior than traditional EM Waves Shielding materials

The Nion EWPS is constituted by Nion Carbon High-polymer with the molecular weight close to 10 millions. Its special attributes can dissipate the energy of EM Waves immediately, thus will have no problems in the escaping of EM Waves. General shielding materials will allow the EM Waves convect inside and can't dissipate effectively, so after a certain period of usage, the EM Waves will escape out and bring threat to the human beings.


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