The World-Exclusively High Quality Nion Water         

The Nion Water Ionzier , which utilize the Nion Technology, can release great amount of negative ions and produce the Nion Water . The Nion Water has the advantages below: (Please also check the test report listed below for details)

Stably ionize the minerals to the necessary microelements

High Oxygen Concentration

 Strong effects in killing the chloride

  Sweet and pure taste

  Small cluster of water molecules, easy to absorb

.  Keep the mild alkali state which fits to human beings for a long period

The Nion Water fits all the attributes of the high-quality water, besides, it can be used in food business, industrial water and greywater, as it showed great results in improving the quality of the water.

The most pure and clean water in the natural is nothing but the snowmelt which has been flowed between the natural mines for a lengthy period and absorb great amount of negative ions. Nion Water is the only water other than natural water that produced by the negative ions.


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