The Attributes of Nion Superconductor Ionizer                   

1. Environmental-Friendly Material
The high-polymer materials of Nion Superconductor Ionizer is carbon/oxygen/hydrogen materials, and are totally environmental-friendly. It has been past the tests by Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M. O. E. A. and SGS Taiwan Co. LTD., that there are absolutely no 8 major heavy toxicant heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chrome, Arsenide, Barium, Se, Antimony) within.

2. Low Electro Current, Low Power Consumption
Because of its superconductivity attributes, only need tenuous electro current (8W), the C60-material Nion Superconductor Ionizer can generate great amount of negative ions.

3. High Quality – Generate the Natural OH- Negative Ions
Nion Superconductor Ionizer can produce the most natural OH- Negative Ions, without the emergence of positive ions and other descendants like the EM Waves, Static Electricity and Ozone.

4. Huge Release Amount of Negative Ions (over 2 Millions/cc./sec.)
Because of the special attributes of Nion High Polymer materials, the released negative ions are not only have pure quality, also have more than enough quantity. After the estimation, the generating quantity is greatly over the current method. Only with enough quantity of negative ions, can the ratio between positive and negative ions be balanced in the environment, and make people under the protection of forest-like negative ions.

5. Inconsumable
The Nion Negative Ions are released from the OH in the high-polymer, and the lost electron will be refilled by the electrons in the tenuous electro current, thus the high-polymer materials itself will be inconsumable, and the release amount can keep stable in a lengthy period, for you to enjoy the fresh and comfortable air for a long time.




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