Comparison with current ionizers on the market           

Because of the limitation of technology, common ionizers use the ionization to decompose the molecules in the air. This method not only will produce the negative ions, but also produce adjunctions like the positive ions, ozone and other stuffs. So, both in the quality (is it able to produce the pure and clean negative ions?) and quantity (is it able to produce enough amount for the need of human beings?) of the negative ions, there has a long way to go. Because of the points stated above, despite the positive influence of negative ions have already been understood by most people, the application results have been limited.

Method Quantity of Negative Ions Results Weakness
Corona Little Tiny Generate the EM Waves, Ozone and Static Electricity


Only for killing bacteria or cleaning the vegetables, not be able to use in the creatures

Generate the EM Waves or static electricity. Too much of ozone concentration will do damage to the aspiratory system and cause irritation.



Very Little

Need the ultraviolet ray, will do damage to the health if soaking the powders and particles into the liver.

Static Products Seldom The application field is limited Required friction with other objects first to generate the negative static electricity, also not easy to clean. The negative static electricity will have reactions only after contact with human bodies.


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