Where can we get the negative ion? And why does it disappear?                   

In the toxicant-free natural environment, the numbers of negative ions are higher than positive ones. For example, the chloroplast in the plant in the forest can release the electrons by the chlorophyll via the solar power. The released electrons will be released in the air accompanied with the water vapor and other aromatic carbohydrate via the leaf, which is the phytoncide that we are well aware of. Hence, there are great amount of negative ions in the forest. And, when the water dew falls from the high point , because of the bumping between the water particles and the rock, and the friction between the water particles, make the spreading water particles negatively charged, and generate the negative ions. In the natural environment, the biggest source in generating the negative ions is the mine. Some mines will continuously release the electrons because of its special crystallized structure. Rocks have the radioactive elements will generate positive and negative ions because of the release of radioactive particles causing the disengagement of the air.

Because of the industrial development, the natural environment and ecosphere have already taken some serious hits, and the balance between positive and negative ions has been destroyed. Once widely-handy negative ions now are no longer available, which cause serious threat to the health of modern people and living environment. Factors like massive use of chemical substance and agricultural chemical, the black smoke and grey water produced by the factories, and the smog exhausted by the vehicles...etc. make the quality of water and air greatly aggravated, also caused the decay of negative ions. The indoor space we are living in is not a safe shelter anymore either, as the decrease of ventilation rate caused the accumulation of pollution and the loss of air quality. Inducers like the secondhand smoke, volatile organic compounds, building materials, bug spray, lampblacks produced by cooking and static electricity and EM Waves generated by mass amount of electronic appliances make the quantity of negative ions extremely decreased. Actually, the indoor air quantity is worse than outdoors. Facing such a tough situation, only the Nion Superconductor Ionizer is the solution, which again enable people to enjoy the invaluable high quality air.



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