Pearl on the Crown of niontechnology

Nion Technology , the technology solely developed by Dynas International Corp., not only is far more superior than the current nanotechnology research field since it exclusively owns the global-leading nano materials manipulation technology, but is also closely followed the collective demands of human beings and global environment. The Nion Technology Products can provide better, clearer and more comfortable living quality, recover the environment to its original toxicant-free mother-like state. The most valuable part of the Nion Technology is that it totally use the environmental-friendly materials and will not add any burden to the natural environment.

Simply stated, Nion Technology is the technology that using the Polymer Fusion Technology (PFT) to compound (fusion) the C 60 series of carbon materials with other materials (like carbon/oxygen materials), and changes the physical, chemical and electric attributes of the item for our use. More importantly, the Nion Technology utilize the environmental-friendly materials which do not include 8 major toxicant heavy metal pollutes, and can be decomposed after high-temperature heating, totally follow global environmental protection standards. The high or super-high polymer molecular weight of chemosynthesis Fullerene materials will have extraordinary properties that are unseen in the current physical and chemical research field, and move forward into the enormous and delicate ions world, that is the main reason it is named Nion Technology.

Utilizing the Nion Technology, we invented the products including the Nion Superconductor Ionizer and Nion Electromagnetic Wave Protection Sticker (Nion EWPS) . The Nion Superconductor Ionizer series can use in the air and water, not only can it makes the human beings cruise in the natural-like environment all the time, but also has outstanding purification ability. The superconductivity attribute of the Nion Technology materials enable it to have low power-consumption rate, makes it not only environmental-friendly but also energy-saving. The Nion EWPS can protect the modern people from the threat of EM Waves in the heavy-polluted environment.

Recreation of Human Beings, Purification of Air, Clearness of Water and Regeneration of the soil are 4 major applications of our products and also the management principles of us. Based on our care of lifes and ideas of purify the world, we will keep working hard on achieving these 4 goals.


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