>>> The Method <<<
Utilizing the Nion Technology, we can compound the C60 series of high-polymer materials with the oxygen and hydrogen elements to become new object.

The Nion EMI/ESD Protector, the product fully utilizing the Nion Technology, can efficiently absorb and dissipate the electromagnetic waves and is a ground-breaking invention. The high-polymer multi-lattice structures of the Nion EMI/ESD Protector have superconductivity, due to its hollow cluster Fullerenes structure, it can absorb the electromagnetic waves efficiently. Since the electromagnetic waves are also one of the energies, when it encounter the Nion EMI/ESD Protector, the waves will be absorbed by the multi-lattice structures of the sticker, the waves will storm inside the lattice, causing great vibration of the polymer inside the sticker, and because of the high or super-high polymer structure, most of the power will be counterbalanced then dissipated in a very short period. Hence, unlike other wave shielding materials, the Nion EMI/ESD Protector will not have to connect on grounding to dissipate the electronmagnetic waves.

>>> The Damage caused by the electromagnetic waves <<<
It is inescapable in the modern life for people to encounter with the electromagnetic waves, and the damage caused by it is getting more attention as of now.

There are 4 major sources to generate the electromagnetic waves in daily life: Household Electronic Appliances, Computer Appliances, Mobile Phones and High Voltage Electric Cords. Living in such kind of environment, People are often exposed in harmful and contaminated circumstances, causing aging and diseases.

The main effect of the electromagnetic waves for human beings including:

>> Lowering the efficiency of the immune system
>> Decrease the calcium minerals in the human's body
>> Provoking abnormal birth or abortion
>> Induce optical difficulties
>> Disturb the amitosis of the cells
>> Distribute one of the Positive Ions that will interfere the condition of human body
>> Block the movement of ions through the cell membrane
>> Change the reaction of the cells to the hormone and the conduction substances of
the cell nerves
>> Interfere the conduction and duplication of DNA and RNA

The technically advanced European and American countries also have the examination reports about the damage of the electromagnetic waves:

Research Country Source of Electromagnetic Waves The Damage
Italy, France High Voltage Electricity The probability of brain cancer is increasing 2 to 3 times
Canada The Radar Speed-estimation Machine The probability of blood cancer,
brain cancer and skin cancer is higher
Switzerland High Voltage Electricity The probability of breast cancer is increasing 7.4 times
Finland Computer
The probability of abortion is 3.4 times higher than normal person
New Zealand Electronic Blanket The probability of blood cancer is increased

The Magnetic Field Rate of Home Electronic Appliances, published by the NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board) of the United Kingdom (Measurement Unit: mG)

Television 25 V 500
Microwave Oven 750 V 2000
Hair Dryer 60 V 20000
Refrigerator 5 V 17
Electronic Razor 150 V 15000
Washing Machine 8 V 500
Vacuum Cleaner 2000 V 8000
Table Light 400 - 4000

The Electromagnetic Waves will also have negative effects to the electronic appliances, including:

>> Interfere the electronic appliances like the monitor, radio, cardiograph and the
@ Pacemaker
>> Make hindrance to the self-control system, make high-speed trolley
@ uncontrollable, even run out of tracks
>> Make errors in the airplane and ship navigation system
>> Influence the control of satellites
>> Hyperactive electromagnetic radiation will trigger the electronic initiator, causing
@ explosion or fire.

The explosive power of corona is equal to 200 billion atomic bombs that had fallen on Hiroshima. In 1989, the corona has paralyzed the hydro powerhouses network in Quebec, Canada; 7 million people suffered power outage and the financial loss was up to few million US dollars.

Because of all the damages caused by the electromagnetic waves, more studies have put the focus on the prevention or protection of the electromagnetic waves recently.

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