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The Nion Water is the water generated by the Nion Negative Ion Water Dispenser.

The major difference between the Nion Negative Ion Water and the other water is that the OH negative ions are keener to compound with water. There are microelements in the water, like the calcium and sodium, and they exist in the water as the oxidative state, like the calcium oxide and the sodium oxide. After the irradiation of negative ions, the mineral in the water will be eternally ionized and dissolve, providing people the necessary microelements. The minerals and the microelements are ionized in the Nion Negative Ion Water, so it's easier for human to ingest the nutrition, the result in the absoption the calcium is even better than taking calcium medicines. Also, the experiment result showed that the Nion Water can sustain pH rate mildly alkali (approximate 7.8) for about half year.

Another attribute to the Nion Negative Ion Water is that it has smaller unit of the aggregation of the water molecules. After the nuclear magnetic resonance experiment, it showed that the water molecule unit of the Nion Negative Ion Water only constituted of 6 to 8 water molecules, much smaller than normal tap water, which constituted of about 30 molecules.

Compared the Nion Negative Ion Water to the electrolyzed water, the electrolyzed water ionized the water by electronic voltage on both side of the condenser, but with this method, the ionized water is much more unstable than the Nion Negative Ion Water, meaning the ions will disappear once the electronic voltage moved away. Besides this, the water molecule unit of electrolyzed water is also bigger than the Nion Negative Ion Water, it constituted of about 17 molecules, and will soon changed back to the original water molecules.

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