>>> What is Ion? <<<
Ions are atoms that had either extra or missing electrons, and it will combine with other elements to have various kinds of attributes.

>> What is Positive and Negative Ions?

There are 2 kinds of ions, the Positive Ions and the Negative Ions, which depend on the extra or missing electrons they have charged. The ions which missing the electrons are the Positive Ions, and the ions that have extra electrons are the Negative Ions. In the natural environment, the ratio between positive and negative ions is about 1.2:1.

Virtually, Free electron is the smallest ion, and the essences of negative ions are the negative electrons. The negative ions are described as "e-" in the physics and chemistry. Giving the creatures negative ions will increase the numbers of electrons inside the bodies, replacing the role of lipid and albumin inside the creatures, distributing the electrons to the free oxygen radicals and stabilize it, therefore the electrons in the normal cells will not be robbed by the free radicals,stays in normal condition.

There are oxygen reduction potential (ORP) reaction between the free oxygen radical and the negative ions.

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