>>> What is Nion Technology? <<<
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@Introduction to Nion Technology

Although modern technological advancements have succeeded in bringing humankind an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience, they have also brought the concurrent destruction of nature. The resulting decline in our quality of life has been detrimental to both our physical and psychological health. How to maintain a wholesome quality of life and preserve human dignity in the face of unprecedented challenges to our natural environment is the mission of Nion technology.

Nion technology has been lauded as "the pearl on the crown of nanotechnology" because it has not only transcended the scope of modern nanotechnology but is also unique in the versatility and relevance of its applications, as well as its ability to meet global environmental needs. The essence of Nion technology is its manipulation of nano-sized components into super-high polymer materials ¡V a field of research that is the first of its kind in the world. Products using Nion technology include ¡§Nion Negative Ion Generator", "Nion Water Dispenser", "Nion Water Ionizer", "Nion EMR Shield" and others. These products can provide humankind with a cleaner, higher quality of life, returning us to a time when mother earth was free of the industrial pollution rampant today. Most importantly, Nion technology uses a manufacturing process that is completely environmentally friendly.

Whether products utilizing Nion technology are used in air or water, people can be assured of a pristine environment that nurtures our body and mind, as well as protects our physical being from the encroachment of harmful pathogens. Nion EMR Shield effectively shield the body from detrimental electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic equipments.

The ubiquitous use of antibiotics in today's world has led to the development of a serious challenge: broad-spectrum microbial resistance. According to the results of studies carried out by various organizations such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (Case Number F826VJ11110-18-1), SGS Taiwan, and Super Laboratory (Report Number SL93E9038), Nion technology has proven highly effective in limiting the proliferation of air-borne microorganisms, thus bringing new hope to our perpetual battle against disease.

Nion ionized water lowers the incidence of crop disease by minimizing water-borne illnesses due to microorganisms, improving pest control, and increasing beneficial soil organisms. It helps decompose the solid nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus fertilizers in the soil, allowing crops to better absorb ground nutrition and consequently raising crop quality and quantity. Moreover, Nion ionized water can revitalize acid soils and soils exposed to toxins, hence restoring ecological balance and reducing the amount of fertilizers needed. Wherever Nion ionized water flows, through water pipes or aqueducts, a cleansing and energizing effect is achieved. Were Nion ionized water to be used in all realms of life, whether it be agriculture, industrial or residential applications, it would undoubtedly lead to the gradual revitalization of a nature that has been insidiously destroyed by humankind.

The four primary applications of Nion technology are as follows: enhancing the physical well- being of the human body, improving air and water quality through its purification effects, and revitalizing the earth. These are the unwavering goals in which we will persevere.

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