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Nion Technology's "Multi-Functional Negative Ion Static Eliminator" is currently used by various electronic companies in their cleanrooms, including wafer plants, painting factories, and TFT LCD plants. The use of our product has greatly improved the production yields, profitability, and overall employee health of these companies.

Application Theory
Nion Technology's "Multi-Functional Negative Ion Static Eliminator" features high performance capabilities for reducing static by generating large amounts of pure OH- electrons, commonly known as negative ions. The product reduces the presence of static resulting from machine operation and operator motion. It quickly brings airborne particles, dust, and residual spray paint toward the ground, and restricts these airborne particles within 10 cm from ground level. As a result, airborne particles will not continue to float, accumulate, and attach to each other. As large quantities of airborne particles are removed, defect rate can be decreased significantly.

Application Effectiveness
After one well-known TFT LCD manufacturing plant replaced its existing static control system with Nion Technology's "Multi-Functional Negative Ion Static Eliminator", the following results were achieved:
1. The number of particles larger than 0.7 £gm was reduced from 650 to between 74 and
”@120, and even into the single digit category. Cleanrooms were upgraded from Class
”@1000 to Class 100 with a minimal amount of capital expenditure.
2. Production yields improve significantly from 74% to 96%, thus substantially
”@increasing profitability.
3. The typical static control system requires the constant discharge of positive and
”@negative static electricity, which adversely affects human bodily functions and overall
”@health. In certain cases, factory employees have even suffered from urination
”@problems and an increase in uric acid levels. The use of Nion Technology's "Multi-
”@Functional Negative Ion Static Eliminator" can create a nature-like environment
”@imbued with negative ions. This allows factory employees to work in clean and
”@refreshing surroundings, leading to an improvement in productivity, the prevention of
”@work-related injuries, and reduction of operational costs.

Installation Density

The number of units installed is approximately one unit per 1~1.5 "ping" (36 square feet): this may vary according to different requirements.

Application Location
The product can be used in cleanrooms and gowning rooms.

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